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SCC Fitness has a services for anyone. Whether you want to workout in a group or one on one, need help with injury prevention, or some help making minor changes to your diet; you can find it here!

Fitness Nutrition Coaching: Services

Group Personal Training

Feel Good, Look Good

Nutrition Coaching

Combine Fitness and Nutrition to Improve Your Results

Fitness Nutrition Coaching: Services

Nutrition Coach

Get your custom made meals plans to help take all the confusion and stress out of your diet. It truly is nutrition made easy!

Nutrition Coach - $69/Month

  • Create your own custom meal plans

  • Shopping list provided to prepare for the weeks meals

  • Portion size examples

  • Ability to custom the foods included in the plan

  • Ability to choose your diet Type (ex: Gluten Free, Paleo, Balanced etc.)

  • Regular guidance from your Coach

Nutrition Coaching Pro - $89/Month

  • Everything above is included PLUS

  • Weekly custom meal plans created by SCC Fitness!

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