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A Failure Isn’t Failure

There are different mindsets when it comes to fitness. Cody and I can honestly say we are all-in type of people when it comes to trying to achieve a goal. If we want something, we are going to work for it. In our minds, there is no option but to reach that goal. Every struggle we face in our workouts, every failed lift, every grueling workout is another stepping stone and another lessened learned on our way to achieving our goals.

The last 4 weeks I have had to really adjust my thinking. At first I was down and bummed that I had to have a pacemaker put in. However, I have had the opportunity to understand that this is another stepping stone to reaching my goals. Before the pacemaker, my heart rate max was 120 beats per minute. With the device, I can now reach 160. This will allow me to work towards and achieve my goals.

Sometimes changing your outlook can help you progress in your goals. A failed lift, only getting 10 reps instead of 12, a HIIT workout that makes you have to skip a 30 second round, a speedbump in lif does not have to be your limiting factor. It is a lesson on your path to becoming the better you on your fitness journey.

Next time you experience a challenge that makes your feel like you are a failure, embrace this, change your mindset and view it as a lesson that you will overcome next time you are faced with that challenge. Becoming stronger starts in the mind and becomes a physical reality.

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