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Setting Goals For 2018

The first thing that comes to mind this time of the year is staying up until midnight, eating all kind of delicious snacks and having a few drinks with family and friends; however, this is also the time of year we start to make plans for the next year. 2018 is upon us and it is time to think about what you plan to accomplish this year. For many of us that means some type of a fitness/weight loss goal. These goals tend to look/sound something like this: 1) Lose 20 pounds 2) Run a 10k 3) Be able to lift more weight 4) Put on muscle mass 5) Etc… Each one of these are great things to accomplish; however these statements are just the start. They are statements not goals. You may be wondering why

Holiday Workout Ideas - Metabolic Workout

Here is another installment of our Holiday Workout Idea series. This time we are getting your heart rate up with some metabolic exercises. Give this workout a try and let us know of Facebook or Instagram how it went!

Holiday Workout Ideas

Here are a few ideas for exercise you can do while you are traveling for the upcoming holiday’s.


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