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Needs versus Wants

At the kitchen table, I laugh as my son sings a holiday classic. It’s an early rehearsal for the upcoming Christmas program. Yet, as we bust into the holiday season, it’s EXACTLY what I want to talk about: Needs versus Wants. What do you want for Christmas? Maybe you want to be leaner, muscular, a fitter version of yourself. Maybe you just want to be healthy and mobile. Or maybe, thanks to Internet, TV, etc. you’re striving to be what “they” say you should look like!! No one wants to be told that they should exercise or they shouldn’t eat that. The trouble is you’re comfortable in your lifestyle (WHINE). Let’s face it. Change is a bitch! But you face your needs and realize that it is

What to look for when selecting a Personal Trainer

Alright so you have decided that the best way to reach your fitness and health goals is to enlist the help of a Personal Trainer but you aren’t sure who to go to or what to look for. This is a common issue when someone looks to find the right Personal Trainer, and it can be rather overwhelming trying to sort through the options. Here are some of the most important criteria to consider when selecting a Personal Trainer. Education – It is no secret that the fitness industry has a VERY low barrier of entry when it comes to obtaining employment. That is why education is the most important criteria to consider. You can go online and search for Personal Training Certifications and find hundreds of


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