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How and When to Breathe During Your Squat or Deadlift

Appropriate breathing can really make or break your squat or deadlift. Proper breathing mechanics and timing will help you appropriately brace your core and protect your back. By breathing correctly and bracing your core intrathoracic pressure increases, which aids in stabilizing your spine.

The best way to think of appropriate breathing and bracing is to think of squatting or deadlifting into a tank of water. As you are at the top of the movement your head is above water; here you are going to take a breath in and think of filling your belly with air by pushing your obliques out slightly when inhaling. Then you will hold this breath as you move to the bottom of the movement and until you are roughly 2/3rds of the way up. Now you can exhale and take another breath to reset your core.

Each time you follow this pattern you will be setting yourself up for more successful lifts.

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