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Landing Mechanics

Often times when we jump we only think of leaving the ground. Once we have left the ground we don't think much about how we are landing; when in fact, this is where we should start teaching people when we start to jump. Landing is an extremely important skill to learn. When we jump, even just a little bit, we are absorbing forces that are greater than our body weight and doing this repeatedly greatly increases our risk of injury if done incorrectly.

Here are thing things to keep in mind when working on landing drills:

1) Land toe to heel

2) As you make contact with the ground, begin to allow your knees and hips to bend as your body weight comes in contact with the ground

3) Keep your chest up and don't allow your torso to fall towards the floor

4) When looking at yourself from the front your knees should be below your shoulders and your toes should be below your knees


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