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The Benefits of Massage Guns

Massage Guns have seen a rapid growth in popularity in recent years, but the question remained. Is there any validity to their use?

Well, luckily this growth in popularity has lead to quite a bit of research. Couple that with the fact that local vibration has been studied since the 1960's, and there is actually quite a bit of information on this topic.

So what's the verdict? There appears to be some benefit to the use of local vibration.

Studies have found that pre-exercise local vibration maybe protective; meaning it can reduce swelling, improve range of motion, and decrease the pain associated with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Studies have also found that pre-exercise local vibration may improve muscle performance in subsequent workouts, as long as the workouts are frequent enough (ex: multiple days in a row).

Current research also suggests that adding local vibration to Self Administered Release Techniques (ex: Foam Rolling) improves DOMS, pain pressure sensitivity, proprioception, and range of motion.

When looking at all the available research it is apparent that adding the use of Massage Guns can be beneficial. That being said what is the best way to use Massage Guns?


It is best to use Massage Guns after you Foam Roll but before you stretch.


Set the Massage Gun to a high setting and trace the whole muscle to identify acute points of hypersensitivity. Then lower the setting on the Massage Gun and hold it on the hypersensitive point. Focus on a muscle group for 30-120 seconds for best results.


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